Grants & Scholarships

General Information

FSI administers two special endowment funds. The Timmy Munn Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Timmy Munn Needy Kids Fund. The former provides financial support for first year university students, while the latter, via the Brendon Oreto Foundation, provides funds for kids who can not afford to play their sport.

Additional grants throughout the year are provided to teams and individuals to compete at Atlantic and National events, allow youth to participate in sports when they might not otherwise be to afford it.

"One of my daughters, Piper Chambers, was sponsored this year for soccer. We are a family of 3 with no vehicle at this current time and because of this sponsorship we no longer have the financial burden of worrying about paying for cabs to get her to her soccer practices. Thank you so much for all that you do FSI. It is families like us that are so very grateful. Thanks Brent Grant for selecting us to be sponsored."

Janelle Peters Parent

Grants policy

Fredericton Sports Investment (1990) Inc. Policy For Grants


The objectives of Fredericton Sports Investment (1990) Inc. (FSI):

  • To provide financial support to individuals, teams, and organizations involved in sport in the Fredericton area.
  • To maintain the Fredericton Sports Wall of Fame at a high standard.

Application submissions

Any individual, team or organization involved in sports in the Fredericton area may apply to FSI for financial support by submitting a grant application.

Apllication Review

Grant applications shall be directed to the Chair of the FSI Grants Committee. The members of the Grants Committee shall use their best efforts to review all applications on a timely basis.

Grant Information

Grant applications shall contain the following information:

  • The name and contact information of the applicant
  • The name of the intended beneficiary of the grant if different from the applicant
  • The use to which the grant, if approved, would be put
  • The grant amount requested; and Such further details as the applicant may deem relevant.

How To Apply

There is no standard application form. Applicants may apply by way of letter, email, or other means so long as the information outlined in this section is included in the application.

How We prioritize

Priority will be given to grant applications that relate to:

  • Participation in provincial, regional, national or international events for which pre-qualification is necessary
  • Events based in the Fredericton area that provide an opportunity for wide participation of Fredericton-based athletes and/or that showcase the Fredericton area in a sporting context
  • Youth sports (i.e. pre-university/college)
  • Demonstrated financial need

No Exclusions

Nothing in this policy shall restrict the ability of FSI to give financial support to any recipient that is deemed appropriate by the FSI Board of Directors.

Grant Amount

The Grants Committee may approve grants up to $1,000. Any grant in excess of $1,000 must be approved by the FSI Board of Directors, or the Executive Committee thereof.

Sending An Application

Prepare a letter describing your event as well as the amount requested and mail it to: Fredericton Sports Investments – Grants Committee 117 York Street Fredericton, NB, E3B 3N6 or email

  • Please make sure you include a return address and phone number.
  • Your request will be reviewed by our grants committee members and you will be notified as quickly as possible.
  • Requests will only be considered if submitted prior to the event.


All decisions of the Grants Committee or the FSI Board of Directors, as the case may be, are final.


Below are the current scholarships offered to help provide financial support for our youth.



FSI will fund annually, up to three (3) $1000 entrance scholarships in memory of Timmy Munn, who died tragically in a snowmobile accident in January 1995. These scholarships will be awarded on the basis of sports participation, academic achievement, and financial need. Priority will be given to applicants with a demonstrated ability in ice hockey, as a player, coach, manager, or on-ice official.

Applicants will be graduating (or have graduated) from a Fredericton area high school (FHS, LHHS, ESA, OHS, DPCS) and will be entering a local (preferably, but not necessarily) college or university. An official transcript must accompany each application. There is no set application form.

Applications will be accepted until May 31st

Fredericton Sports Investments-Scholarship Committee 117 York Street Fredericton, NB, E3B 3N6 or email Please make sure you include a return address and phone number. You will be notified as quickly as possible.